Cute Snail Shape Tea Bag Holders (Surprise Color)

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Sometimes it's nice to move at a snail's pace...

In a world of rushing from Point A to Point B to go back to Point A, sometimes it's nice to just slow things down a bit...!

Let our friendly silicone snails hold your teabag in place so you can put your feet up and let a nice herbal tea brew after a long hard day at the office! No more weak tea; no more chasing the tea bag round the mug with a spoon; no more fishing the bag out before you've taken your first satisfying sip. Just good, old-fashioned, slowed brewed tea.

Mmmm we can taste it now!

To keep things fresh and give you a  nice little surprise too, the color of your slow friendly tea snails will be selected at random! You do however get 5 snails per order :)

Key product features include:

  • 5x Silicone Snail Unique Tea Bag Holders
  • Easy grip to the side of a ceramic mug or glass cup
  • Novel gift idea for tea lovers everywhere!
  • Important Note: 5 pieces per set; colors selected at random

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