Suede Baby Moccasins Style Shoes

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Prepare for melting hearts all round

Baby shoes are adorable. No matter who you are, its almost humanly impossible not to react to seeing tiny feet in tiny shoes.

Now imagine that feeling with tiny baby suede moccasin shoes.

Oh yes. These really are adorable.

Made from suede material and suitable for babies aged up to approximately 12-18 months (see sizing details below), these moccasin style baby shoes are love at first sight and are now available in a range of both bright and traditional colors.

Why not treat them to a couple of colors or buy the next size up for them to grow into so your little one can keep on melting hearts every step of the way!

Key product features include:

  • Exceptional Moccasin style baby shoes
  • Available in a range of colors and sizes
  • Made from Suede for the ultimate softness
  • Sizing Guidance (Measure base of foot from longest toe to heel):
    • US Size 1 = 11cm /4.3" Fit For 0-6 month (Approx)
    • US Size 2 = 12cm / 4.7" Fit For 7-12 month (Approx)
    • US Size 3 = 13cm / 5.11" Fit For 13-18 month (Approx)

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